Friday, August 18, 2006

prayers needed....

Please say a little prayer for our friend Nathan. I was talking to Dana last night on the computer and it seems that Nathan had what they think was a seizure the other night. He used to have small seizures when he was a baby/toddler, but he had not had any for a while now. They are going to do some tests on him to determine what is going on and we are praying that everything goes well for them. Nathan is such a sweet little boy and we hate that this is happening to him. He has made huge progress, and then this happens. It's just not fair!

Monday I started back at work. Nothing much to tell there, except that I miss being home with my guys. I could truly be a housewife and be perfectly happy. My boys are my life, and seeing them become little men brings me such joy. Tuesday I had my PT test and I passed once again (Hooray!!). I was not too happy with my waist size,but everything else went ok. I did my run in 15:10(not too too happy with that either,but it will do), did 30 sit-ups and 40 push-ups. Not too shabby. I am still going to keep up with my Slimfast shakes, and going to the gym, so it should not be a problem for me to pass future tests. Tuesday I also noticed my left front tire has a nail stuck in it, and needs patching--so that is on my "To-DO" list for this weekend. The boys have all had colds this week, so I am once again up to my ears in snotty noses. Nick's seems to be the worst...his is like a much crap comes out of his nose that when he sleeps he literally gets it all over him, his clothes, and his sheets. Michael had swimming today and he is doing so well!! He goes under water with no problems now, and is getting more comfortable in the water. Today they had the kids go all the way down a pole in the pool and come all the way back up. They did this for a little while, and then they went and jumped off the diving board. Michael absolutely LOVES swimming, so we plan on keeping it up for now.Michael starts school on the 6th of September! He will be in the second grade!!! I am going to stop by the school tomorrow and get a list of supplies that he will need and then go school shopping this weekend.

If you are looking for interesting TV, there was a show on this week called "Musical Savants" or something like that. It was on the Discovery Health Channel, and from what Dana said it is very good. I am hoping to catch it on this weekend.

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