Friday, August 11, 2006

Pieces of the puzzle

I took Nick to his last day of therapy today. They have a three week break before the end of summer, and he starts up again in Sept. We got to meet with his OT,Liz,and she worked with Nick a little bit. Nick was wary of this "stranger" and did not like her interrupting such fun activities such as spinning wheels on a truck! Here is the list of therapies that Nick is recieving at Birth to Three:

2 hours of Speech
2 hours of OT
4.5 hours of Play group
3 hours of Special Instruction
Total: 11.5 hours per week at the center

We are also working on getting him 2 hours of Private Speech, and 2 hours of Private OT a week.

We did not do too much today. I was very sad that this was my last time of taking Nick to class for a while. The kids are all so very sweet, and one of them called me "ma-ma"! I found it funny that my own kid does not call me "ma-ma" and here I had another kid calling me that! After we got done with class, I drove back home for a while and then had to get Michael a new Sharps container for his needles. I took the filled one back to the hospital(where I was told I could dump it in our own trash). I was also informed that I could use a Coke container from now on and just throw it out with the regular trash. I am all about making my life a little easier! Once I got home, I did the usual of starting dinner,and seeing what Nick was up to. He grabbed a puzzle from his drawer,so I sat on the floor with him and helped him do it. Only he does not need much help. At least not with the shape puzzle. He can put that one together in no time flat. He LOVES shapes. He LOVES puzzles. I mean, he LOVES them! At the center they had to cover up all the puzzles because thats all he wanted to do. I got some pictures today of him doing his puzzle.

He knows where all the pieces go, and I even asked him "Where's the oval?" and then he picked it up and put it in the right spot!! I went through all the shapes with him and when I said "Circle" Nick repeated "Dircle". He never looked at me, just at the puzzle. He gets into his repetitive actions though after about two pieces-and then you have to hold down the other pieces to prevent him from taking them in and out constantly. You have to keep him focused. When he gets focused though,watch out, he can do things fairly quickly. His new fave toys are anything that is squishy in his hands. He loves the feel of them, and that extra sensory input just seems to awaken him. He is more verbal, and will babble tons while holding these items, and he just seems to be more "here" overall. Nick is like a 30lb puzzle, you have to find the right pieces to make it complete.

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