Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I am excited to say that we have reached a couple of milestones today!! Michael came to me while I was preparing dinner in the kitchen and said that one of his teeth hurt(it hurt like it was loose) he said. So I had him open his mouth, and sure enough, we have our first loose tooth! It is not exactly hanging by a thread yet, but it is slightly loose. Needless to say we are all very excited! We were not sure when Michael was going to start loosing his teeth, his Dr said it could be a while at the last check up. So we are pleased that this is a milestone that is getting closer and closer. Out of all of his friends, he is the only one who has not lost a tooth yet. He asked me "What do we do with a lost tooth mommy?" and I explained that we put it under our pillow at night and the toothfairy will give you money for it...provided said toothfairy is not broke. Another equally exciting milestone belonged to Nicholas today. I was sitting on the kitchen floor playing with him and he put his hands on my cheeks and said "Ga-Ga". We are not sure if he was trying to say "Ma-Ma" yet, but I dont care....he is trying to say SOMETHING, and he looked me square in the eye when he said it. I am elated that he is making such wonderful attempts to speak. He is also trying to copy what we say at least once a day now. Today he came up to me and said "Go". I asked him "Go where?", and he repeated "Go ere?" We also got the call that we have been waiting for this afternoon...all the paperwork was completed and Nicholas is ready to start Speech and OT therapy!! They want to sit in on two of our sessions this week so that they can get a feel for what we have already been doing with him. Tam has started using the PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) with Nicholas and he seems to be getting it. She is going to give us the materials and the knowledge to do the same with him at home. I have already been taught on how to do this during our last session, but Mike will need to learn. We probably wont get those until a couple of weeks from now. Just thought I would inform everyone on the good news!!!! I am so happy my baby is talking!!!

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