Friday, August 04, 2006

Last day of soccer camp :( :(

Michael has thoroughly enjoyed soccer camp this week, and I am sad to see it come to an end. I love watching him play...he loves it sooo much. But, we only have a couple more weeks until the start of next season, so it will not be too long. Nicholas seems to like going to the games as well. He has said "Goalie" several times! He LOVES to stand in the goal and catch the ball and then throw it. We joked about him being in the World Cup in twenty years and how we think his interview would go...

Reporter: So, Nicholas Weger, what was your favorite moment of todays game?

Nick: "Goalie!!"

Reporter: What do those hand signals mean?

Nick: Goalie!!

Anyway, Michael played for England, and yes, they won their Jr. World Cup. England was a tough team. 90% of their team consisted of kids we had coached for the last two years, and the British coach could tell which kids were coached by Mike and Santos. Everytime one of them got a breakaway I could hear "There's another goal for England" out of the stands. Michael scored 2 goals. The last one he scored was the only one scored against Brazil and he tied the game 1-1. Today, he did not score any, but he got an assist, so that was just as good. Well, I am going to head back out to the soccer fields where Michael is watching his friend Nick's team. Will update more later!

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