Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's offical...I am a Taxi!!!

With the boys' activities going on this week, that's exactly what it feels like. I drop Michael off at soccer, and then I head immediately over to Federal Way for Nicks therapy, after that I head back to the soccer field for the last hour or so of games, then we finally get home around noon. Michael is enjoying soccer camp and we are pleased to say that England is in first place so far!! Michael also had his first swim lesson tonight. I took pictures but they came out too dark to really see anything. He did well. The only complaint I could see was that when they were blowing bubbles in the water, he got some water in his nose.We got out of class around 7pm and headed to BK to grab some dinner. I think I am going to lodge a complaint with Burger King. They changed the shape of their nuggets to the little crowns, and now I have a two year old who refuses to eat them! Dont they realize these were the only meat product he ate??!! And now, they go and change on him!! Now, he looks at them strangely chucks them to the floor in disgust! I think I will write a strongly worded letter to the head honchos on behalf of all the kids on the ASD spectrum!! LOL!

In Your Face Autism!

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