Thursday, August 24, 2006

Busy little bees

We have been a bunch of busy little bees this week! Nick has been better about practices since the last post. He is handling them better,and boy it makes our lives easier. The soccer season has gotten off to a rough start. First of all, there were only two 7-8yr old teams, so both the teams had like 17 kids. Way too many!! After some deliberation(and some bribing),Mike has decided to coach a team. He got the roster today,and low and behold,he is coaching MICHAEL. UGH! I did not want Michael to switch teams--not because Mike cannot coach; he can. But for the simple reason that Michael would not do what Mike asks,thinking he can get special treatment. Well,today was the first practice for the new team, and you guessed it,Michael did not want to do some of the drills-just to see if daddy would let him get away with it. He ended up getting a little attitude adjustment from you know who. We will see how the next practice goes, and if his little attitude does not improve, he will switch teams. I made him very aware of this, and I also told him he could not play at all if he does not do what his coach says. Swimming will have to come later, as the practices are on his swim days. We can always start them back up after the season is over.

Nick is still having issues with sleeping. He did not go to sleep last night until 10pm again. It is common for kids with autism I hear to have sleep problems, and a lot end up needing medication. We hope that Nick is not one of them,but chances are he will eventually be given some sort of medication to help him sleep. Maybe it is just a phase,I really dont know right now. All I do know is it drives us crazy.

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