Sunday, July 09, 2006

A very "stimmy" day today

Nicholas has been "stimming" much of the day. It started this morning with him spinning his peg board, then progressed to him walking in circles around the living room for a good 4 minutes! I captured the whole thing on our digital camera, but the video is 100MB and is too big to send anywhere. Even Mike said it was a great video and he usually has very few comments on videos I shoot! Anyway, it went into Nick walking on/off his peg board, and you just see him doing things over and over again. If anyone knows of a way to get this file to them over the internet, I would be glad to send it. I have since charged up our video camera and will shoot more with that. I feel that the video will give you a sense of how he truly is better than the pictures. You cant tell how fast he gets things to spin through the pictures! Then we went to the grocery store-Nick got excited over all the lights and that is when he started stimming with his hands-mostly flapping them up and down. I have relented into buying him baby food again. He refuses to eat so many table foods and I did not want him to become deficient in any vitamins. He will only eat soft foods or bread. We have figured out that Apple juice gives him the runs, and now so does the white grape juice. Water and Milk are pretty much it. Well, I better go for now. The boys are still up (thanks to late naps) and I am sure Nick is hungry.

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