Saturday, July 22, 2006

One of those days.....

Today has been a hard day. I had to take both boys to work with me this morning and help prepare our shop for an upcoming inspection. Can you say "ONE More WEEK until I go on LEAVE!!" I am so frustrated with work right now I could just scream. Anyway, we were told yesterday to show up at 8am today. Mike has his Guard weekend this weekend, so I ended up taking both boys with me. Michael got up with no problem. He was very excited to get to work with Mommy. He got dressed, and ate some cereal for breakfast, and was ready in a flash. Nick, started out fine and good, but as the minutes ticked by and his daily routine gone to the wayside, he lost it. He refused to eat breakfast, and cried the entire time until we left. Once we got to my shop, it was no better. He cried for about the first 30min, then laid in the play-pen shaking his head for about another half hour or so. Kristine offered him a pencil to twirl, but that only lasted for about 5 min before he went back to wailing. After about an hour, he was ok, and I let him walk around the shop. There was another toddler there who would come up to Nick, but Nick either pushed him away, or maneuvered himself right past him. Nick spent the time staring out the windows, opening and closing doors, and peeling stickers off the cabinets. Michael actually helped us quite a bit by helping stencil a dolly(with full protective gear was funny!) and vacuuming out the drawers in one of our tool kits. He was a bit disappointed that we were not working on parachutes...he really wanted to help with those.

We came home, and I put Nick down for a nap. He woke up and is still out of sorts. He has wandered around the house crying and I have tried everything. I just wish he could tell me whats wrong. I saw a "normal" 1 1/2 yr old today, and it just made me sad. This little boy was interacting with people around him; even though he could not talk, he interacted. Nick was not interested in the slightest. He was completely oblivious to anyone around him. He completely lost it again when we went to vacuum before we left. He was literally petrified by it and ran to the nearest person who picked him up. He did not run to me, he did not seek me out for comfort..he was calmed down by a complete stranger(I knew him, but the kids do not). Try to think if any two year old you know would let a complete stranger hold them?? That is all for today, Mike just called and is on his way home. I might take little Michael out to a movie for being such a big boy today. Have a great weekend!

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