Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ok, so I more post

I have found a way to add music to our blog!! YAY! If you click on the little grey bar to the right, it will play the song "'s not easy" by Five For Fighting. I thought it would be a nice addition. I might as well tell you what went on today since I am here. I cleaned the house up to get ready for our guest who is arriving tomorrow. We have to meet them at the visitor center at 6pm. I made a space in the closet in the playroom for their clothes, and got some of the toys out of that room and put them in with the boys. (it was interesting getting them to sleep tonight with all the toys in there...but we did it). Michael spent a few hours over at his friend Cory's house, and Nick and I hung out and attempted to do some puzzles. Then I realized that Michael just may need some new soccer shoes after two months, so we tried on the old pair, and sure enough, his foot grew a whole size! He is now in a 12! And those have just a tiny bit of he will get about a week or two before we have to buy new ones! Mike had to work today and he did not get home until after 8pm. Nick was passed out by then, but Michael was still up, so I let him see daddy for a bit and show him his new cleats. A pretty un-eventful day.

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