Sunday, July 16, 2006

New Updates

I have changed the settings a little bit and added some links which are to the right. One of the links is to our WALK NOW page. In September, we are doing the walk for autism research in Seattle with our long time friends from eastern Wa. We have known them since Michael and Nathan were 18mos old and they have become our best friends over the years. Michael and Nathan were born on the same day and we met by chance when I locked myself out of the car at the commissary! We have been good friends ever since. Please do what you can to help raise money and support our wonderful boys in their journey. There will be more links added in the future as I find out more sites. Have a great weekend!

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Dad H. said... are such a good should writer a book about the Weger Family. Really, you should. Keep track of things on your blog or in a journel, and sometime in the future you could turn your notes into a best seller. I mean it.

Love you,

Dad H.