Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Michael went yesterday to another growth check with his doctor. All is extremely well!! He is 43.5" (he has grown 4" since we started 6mos ago!!) and is around 43lbs! He has not had any side effects from the shots (other than GROWING), and we hope to keep it that way. His Dr. was very pleased and did not change anything. He also said that we might be able to stop the shots when Michael enters puberty (as opposed to when he stops growing all together). So, he might be looking at only 8 years on the shots vs. 12 or more. It was a fantastic appointment. We are so excited to see him moving UP the growth chart instead of DOWN. He is very excited as well! He kept telling me all the stuff he is going to do once he gets to 48"--ride all the scary rides, go on ALL the water slides,etc. He was very happy to say the least.

We had to put the Jeep in the shop yesterday. Mike still could not get it to start, and we thought it could be the alternator. We took it to Firestone yesterday when I got home, and they did some testing on it. It turned out that the battery was bad. So, we bought a new battery and it is doing good for now! Nick missed two days of therapy so we kind of feel bad about that, but $h*t happens.

Mike is leaving this weekend for his annual tour with the Guard. I am on my own for two weeks. I have found daycare for both boys the first week, and for the second week I am on leave.

Nicholas is doing great! I have been getting hugs from him everyday and I absolutely love it. He will come up and give me a push when he wants my attention. Last night we had a tickle fest--I got to tickle and "wrestle" with both my little guys, and daddy got in on it too. There is nothing better than hearing their laughter and seeing them smile!

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