Monday, July 31, 2006

busy day!!

What a busy day we have had today! I am pooped;but I have loved every single minute of it. This morning started bright and early at 7am. We had to be at the soccer field by 9am, so we had to get everyone up, fed, and dressed all before 8am. Nick was fine throughout breakfast, but once that was over all hell seemed to break loose with him. It was another schedule change for him, so instead of getting frustrated with him,I just let him cry it out. There really is no comforting him, he has to adjust himself. Michael was excited last night when he went to bed, but took a little prodding to get up this morning. I took a couple of pictures this morning. One is of Michael in his British soccer camp uniform, and the other is of Nick picking a sticker off the closet. We were out the door by 8:20, and Michael was at the field by 8:40. I dropped him off with a little bag full of bottled water and some snacks and gave him a hug and kiss goodbye. Two of his friends were there already along with his coaches, so he was not by himself. I was then off onto I-5 to take Nick to therapy. He was calmed down by that point and was just a sweet, quiet little fellow for the 20 min. drive. We arrived at 9am and were greeted by his therapists. The first part of the day was spent on the little playground where Nick went down the slides, and played in a little car. He really likes the plastic tunnel they have. He likes to walk through it and scream as loud as he can to hear his voice echo! After that, we headed inside to the classroom for snack time. Nick made the sign for "more" about four times on his own! He also will only eat the yellow goldfish! The colored ones look too strange for him. We also think he tried to say "thirsty", because one of the little kids there said "thirsty" and then I heard Nick say something like "Isty". He was rewarded with some juice in a sippy cup. After snack he did some puzzles. This was Nicks favorite part...he LOVES puzzles! He was pretty fast completing the ones at the center. At the end of the hour, all the kids gathered in a circle and they sang songs with sign language. Nick also seemed to like this part because of all the movement by the teachers made him smile. We got back to the soccer field around 11am and watched the last hour of camp. Come to find out Michael IS going to participate in the little World Cup, and he is playing for England!! He had a great time playing with his friends and seemed to really like his coach. He even got a new shirt and soccer ball! I am posting some pictures on the picture site for you all to see. We had a great time today!

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