Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wild Waves!!

We took the boys to Wild Waves today and we all had a GREAT time! Michael was just tall enough to go on the water slides and even some rides by himself! Thank you Dr. McClellan for getting Michael on the path to GROWING! Even Nicholas seemed to enjoy himself...until someone splashed him with water; he hated that. He really liked the flying ride with Michael. Although it is hard to tell in the picture above, Nick actually smiled every time he passed the guy in the operations booth;which we were standing right next to. Forget looking at mom and dad, that guy in the red booth is funny. This will be short today because it is 9pm and we are all a little wore out. The boys had a wonderful time today, and I have even convinced Mike to go out to a movie tomorrow!! Finally, we get to see a grown up movie!!

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