Wednesday, June 28, 2006

No such luck

I talked to Erin again today about the autism study and it seems that we live too far away to be able to participate. Which is really a mixed blessing because with Nick soon starting classroom sessions, special instruction, speech, and occupational therapy who knows how much time we really would have had. Regardless of the study he will still recieve these services. I am still in the process of getting everything straight with all his referrals. I want him to get the services at the center he has been going to, so I have to go through all the right steps to ensure that our insurance will cover it. What it boils down to is I have to get their ok to use the people I want. The Birth to three center can never seem to get a hold of any of his dr's for their signatures so that has slowed us down a bit. On Thursday Mike will take the referrals that were sent to us so they can copy them and give them to the right people to get us started. I have recieved so many sources of information about what services and financial things we can apply for, that it truly can be mind boggling. I just take it one step at a time. I cant even begin to tell you how many phone numbers I have gotten or how many phone calls I have made since this all began.

Nick has seemed to latch on to one specific word now. "Buh!" Yes, he plays Buh with himself quite a bit now!! I guess we can consider that to be his first "real" word...."Buh!" For us it is simply a joy to hear his sweet little voice.

It is going to be a long summer! Michael has been out of school a little over a week now and we have heard on many occasions "I am Bored!" He is driving us batty with all day at home and nothing to do. He was intent on making a frog trap out of our front yard. His "trap" consisted of half a tree, the leaves to said tree, and large amounts of dirt and mud. All of this somehow was supposed to entise a frog to leap into a baby wipe container and be his forever. He even recruited the neighbor kids to help with this project. It succeeded in making a big mess and no frog. Oh, and can I add that the sun is shining BRIGHT at 4:50 AM??!!! Of course he wakes up willingly at this time during the summer, but when school starts he is suddenly tired??!

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