Monday, June 26, 2006

Getting Somewhere...slowly!

I called Erin at the University of Wa. today and spent a few minutes on the phone with her discussing Nick. They are taking toddlers up to 30 mos old; so he is right in there as far as that goes. What she did not know about was that since we are military and are prone to moving (they want people in the area for at least 2 yrs during the study) she was going to check with her director and let me know tomorrow if he is eligible. She explained to me that if he completes the phase 1 portion then it is a "flip of the coin" if he gets chosen for the phase 2 portion. Phase one consists of 9 evals over a two month period and also EKG's(?) and MRI's taken of his brain. Since we already have an ASD Diagnosis from his developmental ped. it should make the process a little faster for us. I also called the clinic to get the referral #'s for his speech and OT, but had to leave a message. Most likely he will be getting these services through the center he is already at. They have already requested one of their new Speech therapists to take him on. We have another appt. with his Dr to discuss Autism in depth on the 27th of July. So, basically the ball is out of my court for now, and I am waiting again.

With all of this going on, I almost forgot that Michael is due another growth follow up! It has been 3 mos since his last appt. and we have an appt. set up for the 17th of July for him! I swear, it is neverending. Above are some pictures of the boys actually smiling! Today we started back up with our P.T. and it was 91!!! Yes, it DOES get hot here!! I am thinking of getting a plastic pool for the boys to play in out front. I am so glad we splurged and got a portable AC unit...that thing has been our savior! I am also back to dieting. I stepped on the scale last night (I know, I shouldn't have) and did not like what the numbers were reading (Do we ever??!), so I am determined to diet and lose it. Wish me luck!!

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