Monday, June 26, 2006


That is Nick's word for "BOO!" He was playing with his shadow on the wall and running up to it and saying "Buh!" He did this for about 10 min and we just could not help but laugh! The fact that he even did it appropriately (meaning he actually USED a word in the right manner) is nothing short of amazing! He was laughing and carrying on and having a grand old time! And who could resist the urge to play this little game with him?? So, Michael, Nick and I were on the floor playing "Buh!" and that turned into a game of "get Michael!" We also practiced waving with him. Mike went on an errand and I stood at the door holding Nick and we said "Bye Bye Daddy!" and I took his hand and waved at daddy. Mike waved back several times, and before we knew it, Nick had waved a bit. I know this may seem small and insignificant to most people, but with kids like Nick this is a big achievement. It is hard for him to do just the simple things, especially in social situations. It is so gratifying when you see just even small steps forward. Today, Nick let us in, and we eagerly accepted.

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