Thursday, April 26, 2012

This is an Outrage!! Sign the Petition to Have These People FIRED!!

The father of this 10yr old non-verbal autistic boy sent his child to school with a wire attached to him. He wanted to know why he was getting reports that his son was getting aggressive in class. Without any information about these incidents from the teachers and staff at the school, and being that his son is not able to tell him what is going on in class, he sent him to school with a wire to see if he could catch anything that would give him a clue. What he caught on the audio tape was disgusting.

This is an outrage people! I send my autistic son to school every day in good faith that the people there will take good care of him, love him and respect him as we do. Since he cannot tell us what happens in school, we rely heavily on reports from his teachers as well as his behavior. To think of something like this that could be happening to ANY child, much less one who is DISABLED, breaks my heart and makes me ill. I am asking everyone who watches this video, reads my blog, has an autistic child, knows of an autistic child, has typical kids, has no kids, or even teaches children, to sign this petition to get these people fired. Adults who treat children like this do not deserve to be parenting, much less teaching.

Autism Awareness is for everyone.

Here is the PETITION to sign.

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