Monday, December 13, 2010

The Great Flood.....

And no, I am not talking about the current weather situation here in the NW. Let me explain what happened on Saturday.

*I get up at 7am. See Michael on the computer. I ask Michael if Nick is up yet. He says no.

* Nick gets up as soon as he hears my voice and wanders into the dining room. I change him, give him milk, and make his regular breakfast of two waffles. He eats.

* Hubby gets up and tells me I can go back to sleep if I want...cause he's got this. I lie in the living room and fall asleep. Big mistake. Through my slumber I vaguely remember Nick coming to me for various things. I tell him "go ask Daddy". I fall back asleep. Mike is on the computer. It has been a quiet morning.

* I wake up. It is too quiet. I go on a search for Nicholas and find him in his room. He tells me "goodnight". I leave. Mike goes in a few minutes later. Nick is somewhere else now. We look for him in our room. No Nick...but Mike yells for me to come there immediately. I am fearing the worst at this point.

* Nick had been in our bathroom. Obviously this happened some time ago--judging from the amount of water that was pouring out of the sink and on to the floor. Everything was soaked! Including the carpet in our hallway! We used every single towel we had available, mopped up the water, and soaked up the water in the hallway.....soak, wring, dry towels. Lather, rinse, repeat. All weekend long. No wonder Nick was hiding out in his brother's room!!

-It's OFFICIAL: BOTH of our kids have completely flooded the bathroom now. Whew! That monkey is now off my back.LOL!