Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Season of Change....

It has been a busy month in our neck of the woods. Hockey has started in full we are at the rink Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat, and Sunday! We have also found Nick a new tutor who will be coming on Monday evenings, and Nick has hippotherapy and his chiropractor visits on Fridays. One of Nick's other tutors is also back to help us out and that schedule varies. Last weekend she came for about three hours each day, and she has come three days this week. It is nice to have the extra help..not going to lie. While Nick is being worked with I can actually get some stuff done around the house.

Last Friday was a big break through-Nick suddenly started hopping on one foot; albeit he was holding on to the gate, but he was still hopping! And he was even changing feet! I can't help but think that the sessions with the horse have helped in that area; along with possibly all the skating.

Nick's new tutor is a perfect match for him. We were interviewing him on Monday night with his BCBA and he was just so excited to hear what all Nick was doing! Big plus for ME is that he looks like Jake Gylenhaal...oh yes he does. I can handle that coming to my house every Monday for like three hours working with one of the coolest boys on the planet :) Just sayin'...

Michael brought home all A's and B's on his report card!! Love love love that boy of mine!! I also believe we have switched gears as far as girls are concerned. Ugh. Did not take them long to notice Michael. He came to us a few days ago asking how to tell if someone likes you. This has been heresay for a couple weeks now. Michael found out through the grapevine that this little girl likes him. And I think he also kinda likes her. We have just entered the whole next phase of this journey called Parenthood. How did this happen so fast?? I remember bringing that little 8 pound bundle home from the hospital like it was yesterday. Through years when he was not growing, not eating, and hearing for the first time he had GHD. We are six years out from hearing the final diagnosis, and we could not be prouder of him!

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