Saturday, May 02, 2009

Big Brother

Just wanted to give a HUGE Shout out to my oldest son Michael. It was his TENTH birthday yesterday!! I can't believe my oldest 'baby' is TEN already!! He is not looking like a little 'kid' anymore; he is growing tall and filling out. Where did the time go?? It was also his best friends birthday yesterday!! HAPPY TENTH BIRTHDAY GUYS!!!

I also want to say that Michael is a wonderful big brother to Nick. It's not easy having a special needs brother, but Michael is a champ. He has reminded me many times to tell Nick's teachers that he is just across the hall, and they can come get him if Nick needs him. Of course, I have yet to really do this as I want Michael to have his own life outside of his brother, but he has always put the offer out. It has been that way since the start. I remember Nick was just a day or two old and the nurse came by our hospital room to do a heel prick on him. Of course little man screamed at the stick, Michael turned around and shot the poor nurse a look of death. He was always trying to make Nick comfortable--we have a picture of Nick sleeping in his carseat surrounded by stuffed animals. 5yr old Michael thought he would be more content with lots of soft things. We still have an outfit that Michael picked out for him when he was newborn. It is a lovely white little jumper with a Peter Rabbit design on it. Peter Rabbit was Michael's fave story book character at the time. Nick has stood at the door waiting for Michael to come home from school saying "Michael come here!" When Michael and his friends are playing Guitar Hero, Nick gets out his little guitar and plays in his own way with them. They have shared a room for 5years. No matter how much Michael wanted his own room, two days later we would find them sharing a room again. To see the both of them so attached warms my heart and my spirit. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a wonderful boy, who I am sure will become a great MAN someday!

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