Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Vacation

Both the boys are on their break and it is nice to have them both home. I did the last of the Christmas shopping today and I had some time to myself. Most of the parents there did not even have to think about their kids interacting with them, took it for granted that their toddlers were able to eat food off their plates, and a trip to the bathroom was no effort at all;and possibly even a little annoying. These things are made so difficult for Nick. Not that he seems to mind, but as he is getting older the gap seems to get wider between him and a normal 3yr old.

Lots of good things have happened over the last year though. Big steps forward. He has become more mischeivious-which despite being somewhat irritating at times, is quite a good thing as far as development. His head banging seems to be in a lull for now-which is a godsend. He started his second year in preschool, and seems to be moving right along with the goals that were set at our last IEP meeting. We started him on the GF/CF diet after visiting a nutritionist, a feeding clinic, AND a gastro-all who said there was either "Nothing to worry about" or "He is too severe for us"..regarding his poop and eating issues. The diet has seemed to really help with his poopies, and his SLP gave us ideas on how to introduce foods to him SLOWLY. We bought some gluten free cereal, and I put some in a baggie and smash it with a hammer to break it into bits. I then mixed it with the rice milk and low and behold, he ate some of it!!

We finally got the referral from his Dr for his Occupational therapy. We will start that whole process after the new year. It will mean another evaluation, more paperwork, but hopefully it will go quickly and we can press on with more services for him.

In the meantime; we are enjoying our time off from school and filling or days with playing, shopping, watching Christmas movies, and baking cookies for Santa. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hug your little ones and enjoy this time with your families. See you all in 2008!!

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