Tuesday, September 04, 2007

We are Home....

We had a wonderful time visiting with our close friends in Spokane! We left our house around 2pm on Friday afternoon, and arrived in Spokane around 7pm that night. Michael and his friend N started playing right away! It was like they had never been apart. We talked for a little while and then went out to eat at Taco Bell. We basically took over the joint with the eight of us. We checked in to our hotel around 11pm and got settled. I had hoped to put a little distance between me, and our world of autism. I was trying to put it in the very back of my mind for just a few days. Well, it looked good for us on the first night there; except for some minor crying at the hotel that night upon check-in.

Saturday was completely different. It started off in the morning when I had to shower in the dark. Why you ask?? Because when I turned on the bathroom light it also turned the fan on. Nick screamed like no tomorrow. He was completely out of sorts for most of the day. One day maybe we will realize that one of the hallmark symptoms of autism is the need for routine??!! It took Nick a little while to get into the swing of things, and in the meantime he was Mr Grouchy. Nick totally loved playing peek-a-boo with their daughter. It was simply the cutest and sweetest thing. I told her she could babysit Nick any time. Saturday evening we all took the kids out for ice-cream at Maggie-Moo's. We all had some absolute splendor! I suggest Cake Batter with Cookie Dough :) Michael had a huge chocolate shake with whipped cream, and Mike had some Butter Pecan with Cotton Candy. After everyone was high on sugar; we went to the skating rink to let the kids skate. Michael had an absolute wonderful time!! Nick had a great time playing with the steering wheels on the video games-it was fine until he started getting a bit irritated with the noise. Thankfully, by that time the kids had skated enough and we turned in for the night.

Sunday was just a day of hanging out. Michael had spent the night Sat. and we celebrated their little girl's 10th birthday. We watched "Blades of Glory"(funny movie I might add!) and had some pizza and cake. We were very sad to leave on Monday. We had such a great time. (You're not getting rid of us yet guys!!Next year!)

This week the agenda is Back to School! I met Michael's teacher today. His new classroom is right across the hall from his old one. He starts 3rd grade tomorrow at 8am sharp! Wish Daddy luck :)