Tuesday, June 19, 2007

An old battle revisited.....

This is NOT a battle I enjoyed either. The FOOD battle. I remember many nights of sheer frustration as I watched Michael barely eat enough to live on. He was not growing, not gaining any weight, not eating. We thought surely we must be doing it all wrong! We were under immense pressure to get our child to simply eat. I was so happy when Nick had a hearty appetite and was chugging down 30+ oz of formula along with 3 jars of food at a time. Where has that gone?? Those were such happy days before his issues with food were not even on the horizon yet. Everyone commented on his hearty appetite...trouble though,was just around the corner.

We are battling with food again. Nick has seemingly gone on an all food strike. He eats nothing but Goldfish. He went from a big eater as a baby, to a skin-and-bones live on air toddler. Top that off with his issues already with food textures, and you get a whole lot of frustration. Is it too much to ask for a "normal" kid?? One that does not put holes or dents in our walls from head-banging?? It is so hard to not know what your child wants. He can't tell us what he wants and that just kills me. I love him immensly, but just for once I would like our lives to be "normal".


Kristine said...

Hey Amy! That's horrible that Nick has gone on a food strike!!! That little guy is already skin and bones!!! Is there anything he likes, that he'll eat? Does he drink???? I mean, maybe give him one of those kid supplement drinks, that way he gets vitamins, protein, fat, and such...just an idea....=)

Joeymom said...

Hang in there. The goldfish diet is all too common. The food thing comes and goes here- last wek JOey would only eat Mac and Cheese. Even normal kids get it. Just keep puting the food in front of him.


We're thinking of you!

Amy said...

Thanks guys!! Kris; we do give him Pediasure when he gets like this (which is all too often, although not to such an extreme). Today he did eat two jars of food--so I am hoping we are at the end of this battle....for now.

Thanks for the support ladies!!! :) :)