Monday, June 11, 2007

For the Love of....Chaos; and a little good news!!

I got some really wonderful news today at work!! I have been trying to contact the person(s) at the University of Washington in regards to Nick's placement on the waiting list for ABA therapy. We have been on the list since January-and the news I recieved today was that he is number THREE on the list!!!! I was told that I should be contacted shortly to start the evaluation process. Yes, they will be doing more evals on my little guy. He usually does pretty well during these-"pretty well" meaning you can just see Autism all over him. I am very excited to start this. The thought of him going 3 mos with no therapy was daunting. I mean, we do a little here at home, but nothing like a structured program. He is doing very well in his preschool-and I am thrilled to see him "coming out" a little more.

Things got chaotic around here while I was talking to my step-dad; and I had to say goodbye rather abruptly. Let me explain what happened. Michael and Nick were playing around with each other(a very welcome sight) and Nick ended up catching Michael's knee in the face. Nick had a slight amount of blood-and he now has a bruised lip. Michael; was so distrought over hurting his brother; that he went to his room crying. I explained to him that I was not mad, I knew it was an accident-and that it was "par for the course" of being playful siblings. I then told him of some of the things myself and his aunt Christy used to do to each other-and he laughed.

Nick was rather playful today-saying words, and interacting with everyone. It was brilliant!! I want more and more of these days!! We were overjoyed just watching the two boys get along all evening! Now, they are in bed and are likely carrying on the antics in their room-but this mom is not caring. They have few moments like these; so I let it go when it does happen.


Joeymom said...

Oh, wow, that's great news. My advice on ABA is make sure they are individualizing it. We had some trouble with the first place we tried, they wouldn't tailor the program to fit Joey- and there is nothing more boring for a child than being grilled for an hour on stuff he already knows like second nature. Don't be afraid to sit in on sessions now and then or ask for them to be video-taped (if you need an excuse, which you shouldn't, note that you want ot see what and how he is leanring so you can properly support his ABA proram.)

Good luck!!!

Amy said...

Thanks Joeymom!! Hopefully we can get this ball rolling soon!!