Sunday, April 08, 2007

Autism University

Time for a little fun!! Dealing with autism definitely requires a sense of humor, and I usually find all of Nick's little obsessions and quirks very endearing. After all, his little oddities make him who he is essentially. Some of his quirks I could live without, but some of them I would miss terribly. Here is what his yearbook is like in "Autism University"

President of the twig and straw twirling club yrs 2 & 3

Captain of the Synchronized Spinning club yrs 1,2,&3

Team Captain of the "Happy Feet" dancing team yrs 2&3

elected as the Headbangers Ball King yr 3

President of "Just say NO to tablefood!" yrs 1-3

Team Captain of the OCD Light-switch club(can flick a mean switch in seconds!!)

Honorary Cafeteria chef-can make anything look,taste,and smell like Pink Dora Yogurt!

Record holder of most times repeating a single word: yr 3

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