Saturday, October 07, 2006

Tough day for daddy

Actually, this whole week has been tough. The first sure sign of fall arrived in our house Tuesday. Nick came down with a cold, and is just miserable. Monday apparently was a bad day for Nick as well. There were only two other kids in his group that day, so his therapists decided to combine classrooms with another class. This was a disaster for Nick. He refused to cooperate,refused to eat snack, and raised such a stink that they decided to go back into his normal classroom. Well, the minute he got back into his normal room, he went right to his chair at the table and sat down. Days like this end up in a domino effect...once one thing is off, his whole universe is out of whack. Today was no better. It was raining out, so his playgroup played indoors instead of on the playground. Once again, as you can imagine, this did not go over well. Not to mention there were two new kids in the class and their parents...Nick went haywire. He screamed the entire time. Poor daddy called me at work to tell me of this latest disaster. Nick has become more and more rigid about his routines, and it can be tough. He has a new thing he does too. He throws himself to the floor when he gets frustrated/angry. When he is sick, he tends to regress a bit....very little speech,more self-stimming. Yesterday we actually went to soccer practice with Nick twirling a remote. He sat in the stroller spinning the remote in front of him constantly. He was perfectly happy until something set him off and he lost control. At that point, I could tell it was time to take him to the car. So, I picked him up and BAM! He head-butted me right in the face. I took him to the car, and put him in his carseat. He calmed down right away, so we sat in the car until practice was over. Needless to say, Mike is very happy that I will be home on Monday to take him to therapy, as he said he needs a break after this week.

Michael is doing good. We have three more games left of this season, and then I think I will put him back in swimming. He loves it, and has been asking to go back. He got a 100% on his last spelling test(naturally!!LOL!). He is doing good in school. They have picture day on the 12th of October,so you all will be getting some recent pics soon. He is still getting his shots everynight, and does not even fuss about those anymore. Well, I am going to go now. We got an early morning game tomorrow.

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