Sunday, August 06, 2006

Will he live to see 8??!!!

Michael has been a real pain today! It all started last night when we found him hiding in our bedroom watching tv at 10pm!! Then, he ALWAYS gets up at the crack of dawn no matter what time he went to bed, and was just downright incorrigible this afternoon. He was good this morning when we were at a picnic, but since coming home we have had to yell at him a number of times to "get down""stop that""give that back to Nick!". He hit dh in the head today when he jumped up on the sofa (how many times have I told him NOT to do that???!!), and tonight just took the cake..I told him dinner was ready and he just said "ok, in a minute". Well, minutes ticked by and soon it was time for bed. He had not said a thing about eating until he put his PJ's on and all of a sudden he said "But I am hungry...I did not eat"...heh heh heh...well, "TOO BAD!!" Neither of them took a nap, so by 7pm my patience had been well worn through, so it was BEDTIME!! Nick is going through a phase where he ONLY eats about 5 foods; and has been living on Pop-tarts and Pediasure. UGH!

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