Friday, July 14, 2006

Happy Friday!!

I love Fridays! Today at work we went to a retirement ceremony. My old supervisor (not the un-liked one, but the one before him) retired after 21 years of service. It is amazing. You think that all these men are just macho type guys who never show emotions, but every single one of them I have seen retire has choked up. You go through your career working with some wonderful people who end up being a part of your family. I find myself choking up about retirement sometimes--in the 15 years I have been in, I have met some truly wonderful people, and some inspiring people. There really is nothing quite like being in the military. After that we went back to the shop and did a little work until it was time for PT. We went and played football-yes, even the four girls played--and really, it was fun. Normally we do calisthenics and running, but today was a "sports day". Mike brought the boys to visit me this afternoon and told me about their day. Nick had apparently said two words at therapy, but noone can remember what they were. One of the kids there said something and pushed Nick. Nick, thinking it was a game, laughed, said what the kid said, and pushed him back. Mike went to get his hair cut at a barber shop that had a rotating fan. Nick absolutely freaked out! We dont know if it was the noise or the fan that upset him, but he was in total freak mode.

Michael is doing good. He has a doctor appt. Monday to check his growth again. They might also increase his doseage if it looks that he has "outgrown" his current dose of 6 "clicks". He has been eating like a horse lately, so we shall see! I know for a fact that he is now over 40lbs.

Well, it looks to be a quiet night around here. Nick went into his room and put himself to bed again. He does that when he is tired--he will go into his room and crawl up in his bed and go to sleep. I had to fight Michael tooth and nail to go to bed when he was 2! Now, he still does not like it, but he goes. Tomorrow I am doing some volunteer work for the community, so I have to be up early. We are helping to paint an elderly persons house with the "Paint Tacoma Beautiful" project. Have a great weekend!!

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