Thursday, July 06, 2006

Back to work....Yuck!

Hope you all had a great fourth of July! This weekend was a long one for me. Saturday we did not do too much. Sunday we went to Wild Waves again with Kristine (our wonderful babysitter). The boys loved having her there. Michael went down a couple of water slides with her, and we also got her on a few of the rides. She is real good with both the boys, and is like somewhat of an "adopted" aunt. Nick is just my little fishy. He LOVED getting into the water this time and even stuck his face in it! He loved the pool at Disney too, it just has to be somewhat warm! He can be very picky LOL! Monday we all just hung around the house recouperating from the abundant sunshine. Tuesday, I got the boys all dressed in their 4th of July gear(matching shirts and shorts--they looked very cute!) just to have them dirty them up "helping" us do yard work! I had not planned on doing yard work, Mike just sprung it on us after realizing "It's not too hot!"
After we got all cleaned up again (so much for matching outfits--they were tossed in the laundry) we went to Fort Lewis to view the fireworks and check out the "freedom festival". We splurged on "elephant ears", cotton candy, and some ice-cream. Mike tried to get Nick to taste an ear, but as soon as he felt the powdered sugar on his fingers he chucked it. He is funky about some of that stuff. If it does not feel a certain way it ends up on the floor. He will even spit out food he is chewing if it does not feel right. And once it is slightly soggy forget it. Then it was time to find a place to park and watch the show. While we were waiting for the fireworks to start, we parked beside another family that had a two year old. The difference was staggering. Nick was obsessed with the lights in their van and went over there countless times just to look at them. Michael and I were kicking the soccer ball around and Nick just followed me everywhere I went. He was trying his hardest to "figure" out exactly how to play this social game--he just kept following me and I just kept on saying things like "Hello Nicholas!" and he would just glance up and smile. At around 10pm the fireworks began and we all bundled up to watch (yes, it was 52f by that time!) Nick fell asleep 10 min into it, and Michael was asleep by the time we got home. After 4 days of bliss, I had to return to work today.....YUCK!!

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